Portable, light, compact - DrawerWallet is an iconic piece of design.

This Slim Wallet is loaded with features to give you access to everything you need!

A slim and lightweight all-in-one solution for cards, notes and coins. With its premium pure construction, it carries light, feels good in your hand and looks great!

"Perfect EDC wallet. It will easily carry my 6 cards I need and some cash, although £20 notes need folding a little more. I use a victorinox multitool card in the back section and it fits perfectly and truly make this a must have EDC wallet"
W. A. E. Hands
"Great purchase ! My husband thinks this is great. Quality materials used and the shipping was faster than expected. Buy with confidence!"
Cynthia Lala
"Does just what it says. Very smart design!! Just does fit in my jeans pocket which should detour pick pockets. You can grab it with two fingers easily to remove. Works great. I would recommend and buy again."
Capt. Andy

Simple & Smart

Attention to details is what makes Octobrachia different from the other companies.


Thick: only 11 mm | Body: W62mm x L90mm


Made of super lightweight coated aluminium alloy. This unibody construction is built to last.


Lovingly crafted to fit perfectly in your pocket. Carry all your valuable and your favorite tool card altogether in your pocket.


This wallet makes the perfect addition to those EDC (every day carry) people out there, or even just those who want something a bit different!


The wallet boasts a “drawer” at the bottom where you can keep keys/notes/coins, and then a slide in drawer for the cards. These are held in place by the elasticated band that goes around the wallet.

Multi-tool card slot

You can also fit multi-tool cards on the underside of the wallet, in a perfectly designed space.

Compatible with the SwissCard*

Everybody knows and is fan of the Victorinox® SwissCard®. We are also particularly enthusiast about this product made by the swiss company Victorinox®. The DrawerWallet is hightly compatible with the SwissCard®, the SwissCard® Lite and the SwissCard® Classic. We designed our wallet to help all SwissCard® owners to finally carry their favorite EDC card alltogether with their Cards, Coins and Notes. Wow, what a combo !

Original product image Copyrighted by Victorinox®

SwissCard* with 10 Functions

You’ll be amazed at how many tools we’ve packed into the SwissCard. And you’ll be surprised at how often you need one of those tools tucked away inside. And with its clever, award-winning design and incredible functionality, you’ll enjoy each time you need to take it out. Just don’t be too surprised if all the other items in your wallet get a little jealous.


* The SwissCard (not made or sold by our company is highly compatible with our wallet, buy it separately on  Victorinox website or alltogether with our wallet on Amazon.)

Best Wallet money can buy

This wallet was created by Steve Raffner, after he got fed up with the bulky wallet alternatives that are on offer. Made of super lightweight aluminium, and lovingly crafted to fit perfectly in your pocket.

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