Spinget Mod. #prelude_#1884 – Crafted Prototype No 7

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  • Eric

    The edges look like they might be too sharp. Also make sure to use one of the smaller bearings can’t tell from the pic.

  • Octobrachia

    Thank you Eric – I have selected a wide range of bearings (FULL CERAMIC ZRO2, hybrid and classic) in different sizes – regular skateboard but also much smaller size – the goal is to build the ultimate Spinget. About the edges, you are perfectly right – this prototype did is rough – when the final shape will be set – I will work on the edges and metal treatment (iron ball bath, sand etc… ) on my prototypes and make a final choice on the cream of the crop. It is a nice day to sail today, water is calm and the sun is raising … the crew is singing – they are already drunk… cheers…

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